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     Products / Brass Extrusion Rods

Extrusion rod

  Brass Extrusion Rods

Size: 5mm to 30mm ( 0.19" to 1.20")

  • Types of extrusion rod
  • Round extrusion rod
  • Hexagonal extrusion rod
  • Square extrusion rod
  • Rectangular extrusion rod

Free Cutting Brass Rods:
Used for high speed machining like fasteners, gears, architectural extrusions, automotive engineering parts, etc.

Grade-1 (IS 319/89)
Grade-2 (IS 319/89)
Grade-3 (IS 319/89)
BS 2874/86 - Cz121 Pb3 Cz124

Forging Brass Rod:
 Forging and pressing materials like knobs, hardware's, handles, valve components, etc. IS 3488/80

High Tensile Brass Rods:
High Tensile Brass Rods also know as Manganese Brass is used in components like welding rods, valves, marine components, pump rods, etc. due to its high strength and resistance to corrosion.
 C 675, cz 114, cz 115

Lead Free Brass Rod:
Lead free brass rods which is known as Reverting Quality Brass Rods is mainly used in blanking, riveting, bending, hot forging, watch case and belts, etc.
C 272, C 280, cz108, cz109, cw508l, cw509l, cuzn37 & cuzn40.

Naval Brass Rod:
It is useful for marine hardware, welding rod, lock pins, missile components, valve stems, bushing & bearing. c464, c485, cz112, en 12164 CW 712r & cuzn38sn1.

UNS Numbers:
C34500, C35300, C36000, C36100, C37700, C27450, C36500, C37000, C3500, C35330, C38500, C48500

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